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Estate/Medicaid Planning

Diversified Senior Services has partnered with The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, PLLC to address your Estate/Medicaid Planning needs.  When an unexpected medical crisis or the early diagnosis of a slowly developing condition creates the need for nursing home planning, it is important to have experienced legal advice to guide you through the process. You will need to make important decisions that could impact your life savings and the care you receive in the future.  You do not have to spend all of your assets in order to be eligible for Medicaid. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and guide you towards the right solutions for your situation.
There are strategies and planning available to protect your financial assets, your real and personal property, and your life savings from being lost to a nursing home or the government. Do not suffer needlessly or worry that you will lose everything you’ve worked so hard for in planning and saving over the years. We can guide you through this stressful process and assure you that there are sensible solutions to protect you and your family’s assets.  It is our goal to help our clients and their loved ones get the care they need at this time in their lives.
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