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Wealth Management / Asset Protection

You’ve worked long and hard saving for retirement.  Whether you are recently retired or just beginning to think about retirement, you need a strategy for turning your savings into income that can last your entire life.  Today, you could be looking at a retirement that lasts 30 years or more, so how can you make sure your retirement income lasts as long as you do?  The three challenges seniors will face in retirement are:  


1) Longevity- refers to outliving your retirement income.  47% of seniors today will run out of funds necessary to pay for basic retirement expenditures if they retired at age 65.  Will you outlive your income or will your income outlive you?


2) Rising Costs- Have you saved enough to address inflation, taxes, and healthcare? Between the years 2000-2009 healthcare costs rose 149%, four times faster than the average income. 


3) Market Uncertainty- From 2000-2010 the S&P 500 was up six years and down four years with a net return of -24%.   Is your retirement income protected against downturns in the market while potentially still taking advantage of market up swings?


Diversified Senior Services has many innovative solutions to protect your assets from any or all of these retirement obstacles.  Let us help you devise strategies to overcome these retirement Part of my job is to make your dollars work harder for you.  


CD rates are at all-time lows and you may have money maturing from older CD’s into new ones with interest rates well below 1% or just sitting on the sidelines earning no interest at all.  You don’t have to settle for these low interest rates or wait for rates to get better.  There are alternative products crediting higher than 3% on a GUARANTEED basis and are tax deferred. 

These rates are more than triple bank rates and offer a better solution in many cases.  If you’re receiving less than 3% interest, call me.  We’ll discuss ways to increase your interest and defer taxes.

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